3D HD Phone Foldable Stand Screen Holder 12″ Screen Amplifier

Original price was: KSh3,500.00.Current price is: KSh2,950.00.

  • High‑definition picture viewing on a large screen can easily solve the problems of discomfort due to the small viewing of the screen, long‑term viewing is very harmful to the eyes, even tingling, tearing, astigmatism and myopia.
  • The design of the is based on ergonomics principle, the use distance and bottom can be adjusted, and the bracket can meet the needs of different users.
  • The mobile phone holder that can protect the eyes is also a good tool to enlarge the screen of the mobile phone.
  • Made of ordinary lenses, using embossing technology to produce top‑level Fresnel lenses, making the picture clearer and more fashionable.
  • The appearance of the is stylish, more in line with the aesthetic needs of modern people, and gives people a good visual impact.
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