Samsung Galaxy S21/S22/S23 Ultra MagSafe Magnetic Absorption Leather Wallet Flip Case with Lens Protection

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MagSafe compatible with powerful magnetic attraction. I want to make your phone more convenient, but do I have a case that does not affect MagSafe? Try it! Samsung Galaxy S23/S22 Ultra Case has 38 powerful magnets inside the case and super adsorption capabilities that will not fall off no matter how much shaking. Not only does it charge wirelessly, but it also supports Magsafe stand and rings, making it useful for relaxing life
(Card Storage) This notebook style case is made for Samsung Galaxy S23/S22 Ultra with 3 card slots and a free pocket on the inside
(Clear Back Type) The back of the Samsung Galaxy S23/S2 Ultra case is lined with transparent PC+PET to prevent scratches and enjoy the color of your phone
(Excellent Impact Resistance) Equipped with an air cushion mechanism on all four corners that are planned for shock. Use air to absorb or reduce the kinetic energy of your smartphone and receive any damage

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